The Deore M6000 ticked all the boxes, 22-30-40 chainrings would become a 30-40 double giving me my climbing gear and my grinding gear. $1,000.00 + shipping 0 bids . It didn’t look like there was enough spare meat on the bracket to extend the slot with a dremel either. Check out the Cutthroat and learn more about its design and features an interview with Salsa Cycles from The Gravel Ride Podcast. 28-32T for climbing, 38-42T for faster grinding. shipping: + $100.00 shipping . However, I’m not that confident the support bolt would make good contact even without the fit-link in place. Instead, hacks are required. And you can clearly see that the cargo capability has improved with the latest version, too. Note that I’m guessing here from trying to eyeball it and I can’t be bothered to take it all apart to check and re-setup the derailleur. That is until I unboxed the brand new 2020 Cutthroat, which is full of new updates and boy is it a long list. One bit of newfangled modern tech encountered on the Salsa Cutthroat build were the brakes specified on the V2 Cutthroat. Therefore, the only option for the V2 Cutthroat appears to be the RaceFace MTB crank arms, paired with Easton’s Gravel Rings as they use the same cinch mounting system. Version. Before selling the company in 1997 to Quality Bicycle Products, Ross and his brand manufactured custom-made steel mountain bikes. The Build I’ve always appreciated Salsa’s smart, high-value spec choices, and the trend continues on the Cutthroat. For our anticipated route, the gearing was a little high, which we rectified before setting out by replacing the SRAM 38T X-SYNC ring with a Wolftooth CAMO and 34t ring. The Cutthroat’s front derailleur mount is bolted to the frame in 3 places – a custom bracket that didn’t look very movable. Bookmark. In many ways the Cutthroat is the Fargo’s fancier sibling. Salsa ist längst ein gesetzter Name für alle, die sich auch nur im Entferntesten für das Thema Bikepacking interessieren. According to Salsa, the GRX cranks won't work on the 2020 Cutthroat's 92mm BB--they're too short. Build. I've Ridden. Salsa have two models that come with 2x drivetrains; the GRX 600 and the top-of-the-line GRX 810 Di2. I’ve been running 1x on my Surly Karate Monkey for some time, with an 11-42T SLX cassette out back. Come in store to see the all-tour Marrakesh , the fantastic Fargo in both steel and titanium, its carbon cousin the Cutthroat , plus the new Journeyman . The Author’s first key take-away sums it up nicely: “Did we need flat-mount? For this bike, Salsa rely on the Boost axle standard with a 15 x 110 mm thru-axle at the front and 12 x 148 … All Rights Reserved. The gearing I chose for the build therefore had to reflect this – tall enough for fast or flat spinning, short enough for grovelling up steep gravel roads carrying a framebag full of cake. Stay hydrated with room for three bottles on 54–60 cm frames (two bottles on 52 cm frames). The ‘ServoWave’ action used in the GRX models originated in Shimano’s MTB brake levers. One bit of newfangled modern tech encountered on the Salsa Cutthroat build were the brakes specified on the V2 Cutthroat. In 2015, I was able to partake in the launch of the Cutthroat, Salsa's Tour Divide Race Bike, a unique drop bar 29er and since then, I've had zero contact with it. Salsa Warroad 54.5 cm Carbon Road/Gravel Frameset. Note however that you can’t use most of these on the Cutthroat because they’re designed for gravel bikes – most of which are still non-boost and have roady BB spacing! A Cutthroat frame with geo suitable for mtb handle bar is my dream bike right now, can't find anything like it.