In order to protect Byakuya from his own attacks in both Shikai and Bankai, Senbonzakura possesses a Hurtless Area (無傷圏, mushōken; lit. Byakuya unleashes his Bankai's Shūkei form, and charges at Kōga for a final clash, defeating him. Kōga grabs one of the spears which sealed him, and the two quickly show themselves to be well matched in swordsmanship, Shunpo, and Kidō. As Byakuya is attacked by As Nodt's arrows, he relays to a worried Renji they would be foolish to attack together, and he should stand back and watch the fight so he can gain information on how to take down the enemy. EpicHotFlame. Byakuya tells them there is no need, as Renji is to be thrown in jail. Byakuya tells him not to be like that, for if he is always the spectator, his skills may degrade. After dealing a final blow, Byakuya prepares to head off, but a giant foot suddenly appears and slams onto the ground. While Tsukishima mocks Byakuya, he calmly picks up the severed blade and drops it with his sword, activating his Bankai. Overwhelmed by his injuries, Byakuya collapses in Rukia's arms. It is a technique taught to Byakuya by Yoruichi Shihoin. Upon returning to Muramasa's hideout, he witnesses a Jigokuchō communicating with Muramasa, and asks if the Zanpakuto Spirit intends to travel to the Human World. Kazeshini is enraged, but Muramasa commends Byakuya's resolve, and the other Zanpakutō accept him. Hisagi walks up and informs Byakuya that he has defeated one of the Sternritter, only to see that the captain has already defeated three. Later, Byakuya watches as the Reigai help stop Yushima. As the skirmish goes on, Byakuya is forced to fall back. He is later sent a Jigokucho by the Captain-Commander, which states Menos are invading the Dangai. Byakuya is told Rukia and Renji have disappeared, and that the Second Division is looking for them throughout Seireitei. Byakuya stops Renji from using his Bankai, stating he must not lose it as well. The two clash, and Byakuya states he will kill Ichigo and execute Rukia himself. Merhaba, benim gibi bir çok kişinin solo leveling novelini ve manhwa'sını yakından takip ettiğini biliyordum, bu yüzden bir şeyler yapmak istedim. Tsukishima inserts his presence into a part of the ground using Book of the End, creating a trap which Byakuya subsequently triggers. Byakuya is ranked 7th in the most recent popularity poll, with 4,010 votes. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Ichigo is the second being to ever witness the ability. While Byakuya can mentally control these swords, he commonly calls them to his hands for actual melee combat. The 4th Division immediately responds to their arrival, taking note that while both are standing, they are horribly injured. 1,289 likes. They immediately enter the office of Captain-Commander Yamamoto, presenting him with the Substitute Shinigami Badge of Ichigo Kurosaki, which they found in the Dangai. Byakuya agrees to help in Hitsugaya's plan, where he would shatter Gerard with Senbonzakura after Hitsugaya freezes the Quincy. Stating Rukia is a member of his family and not Ukitake's, he insists it does not concern Ukitake. That time, your fang definitely reached me. ", "The arrogant one is you, Espada. ". She made him promise that he would not tell Rukia that she is her older sister. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers,,, Bleach Advance: Kurenai ni Somaru Soul Society, (To Renji Abarai) "Shall I tell you the difference between you and I? When the smoke clears, Ran'Tao, the creator of the Bounts, emerges. Byakuya Kuchiki (朽木 白哉, Kuchiki Byakuya) is the 28th head of the Kuchiki Clan, one of the four great noble clans in Soul Society. "woundless zone") where it does not cut anything within 85 cm of Byakuya unless he himself allows the blades to enter the area. His previous lieutenant was Ginjirō Shirogane and his current lieutenant is Renji Abarai. Byakuya, grabbing some of Senbonzakura's blades, throws them through Tsukishima's chest. At the end of the fight, he performed an impressive Flash Step to leave. Byakuya throws his scarf on top of Renji, congratulating him on having given Byakuya a superficial injury, before leaving. Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (千本桜景厳, Vibrant Display of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms): Byakuya's Bankai is a much larger version of Senbonzakura's Shikai. Byakuya looks on as Ichigo saves Rukia, and after Ichigo easily dispatches three lieutenants, Byakuya attacks him. I am Captain of the 6th squad in the Gotei 13. Byakuya's Bankai has several forms, achieved by arranging the blades in different patterns. After a brief exchange of words, Byakuya states he doesn't know how Ichigo has reacquired Shinigami powers, but he should have resumed his normal Human life. A stunned Byakuya is slashed across his chest. Byakuya Kuchiki (朽木 白哉) is the 28th head of the Kuchiki Clan, one of the four great noble clans in the Soul Society. Byakuya is shown in the Zanpakuto Spirits' hideout, where he is questioned about his reasons for defecting. Momo asks him how he can say that, but she is stopped by Izuru, who apologizes to Byakuya before a reluctant Momo does the same. He states Ichigo should die from his injuries in a half hour, and if he does survive, his Shinigami powers will be gone. Byakuya Kuchiki (朽木 白哉, Kuchiki Byakuya) is the 28th head of the Kuchiki Clan, one of the four great noble clans in Soul Society. He later attends a captains meeting, where he is informed about Wandenreich's infiltration, and, along with the other captains, is ordered to prepare for war. This attack is his favorite to use. Renji tells him he will never know, since he never cared about his subordinates. The white scarf is no longer part of his outfit attire. Before you have even finished swinging down your blade, I will strike you down and toss your worthless body aside. He has a column in the Seireitei Communication titled All About Etiquette. In its Shikai, Senbonzakura's blade separates into a thousand tiny, slender blade fragments, which fly away from the hilt, leaving only the sword's handle in Byakuya's hand. Renji attempts to intervene using his own Shikai. Byakuya asks Renji if something is wrong, who tells him there was no need for him to directly attack Ichigo, as he could have finished him. ", His theme song, as chosen by Tite Kubo, is Giovanni Mirabassi's ". While Reigai-Hitsugaya is surprised by the captains fighting together, Byakuya states they will do what they must to protect Soul Society. How do you say Byakuya Kuchiki? Despite Ichigo being a Human, who should not be involved in the affairs of Soul Society, Byakuya asks Ichigo to protect Soul Society. Upon realization of the treasonous actions of the Kasumioji Clan, Yamamoto orders Byakuya and the 6th Division to lead the infiltration of the Kasumioji Clan's compound. Later, in a forest in Rukongai, Byakuya encounters the Bount leader Jin Kariya, and the two begin to fight. After finishing off the last of the Gillians, Byakuya and the other Shinigami watch as the dome collapses, revealing Ichigo and a dying Muramasa. Byakuya Kuchiki is a playable character in the following video games: all information on Byakuya Kuchiki came from Byakuya informs him of the special war time orders, which had been activated, lifting this ban. Byakuya reseals Senbonzakura to remove the "Hurtless Area", but Tsukishima, displaying the immense cutting power of his Fullbring, slices Byakuya's blade in two. Byakuya has considerable knowledge of high level Kido spells, casting several in quick succession, with no incantation and almost no effort, and still possessing formidable power. She flees with Ichigo. It further details that this fear is a result of a unique ability administered by its Heilig Pfeil. Byakuya later interrupts Ganju Shiba, and Hanataro Yamada's attempt to rescue Rukia from the Shishinro. When Ichigo backs off, Byakuya calls him arrogant for not attacking when he had the chance. ", (To Zommari Rureaux) "I have already told you. He is also the captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13 and his lieutenant is Renji Abarai. It proceeds to collapse in on itself, obliterating the opponent. He is also the captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13, and his lieutenant is Renji Abarai. 17 months after Aizen's defeat, Byakuya wears hairpieces at the back of his head, but it is noted that these hairpieces are not kenseikan. While not a true kido master like Captain Aizen or Hachigen Ushoda, Byakuya prefers to use the kido known as Riku Jokoro, Japanese for "six-rod light restraint. Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of the 6th Division and head of the noble Kuchiki Clan during the story’s timeline. While the captains are running behind the Kōtotsu, the Koryū closes in on them, forcing Komamura to stay behind and unleash his Bankai so the others can complete their journey. Eventually, Byakuya and the other captains are forced to retreat. Poll Byakuya Kuchiki's speed/reaction speed (22 votes) MHS 45% . Senkei seals Byakuya in with his enemy, allowing neither combatant to move very far from each other, though the area is still large enough for maneuverability. It is extremely rare for Byakuya to use this ability, doing so only when he has sworn to cut down the opponent with his very own hands. Zommari, becoming desperate, tries to use the full range of his power to control Byakuya's Bankai, but Byakuya, stating there are too many blades for Zommari to control, activates his "Gokei" technique to crush Zommari. Knowing the only way to stop the Gillians is to seal the Garganta, Byakuya decides to use his spiritual energy, reinforced by Senbonzakura's, to seal the portal. However he doesn't keep his word and give Ichigo respect when he fought him to the death. Byakuya and the other Shinigami watch as Mayuri fights Inaba. [110] Byakuya encounters the Reigai counterpart of Hitsugaya. He thanks Ichigo for helping him make his decision to save Rukia in the end, and apologizes to Rukia. By adopting her, Byakuya respected his late wife's final wish, but he had broken the rules of his clan once again. Shortly after Renji defeats Ishida, Byakuya, bearing witness to the arrival of Ichigo, watches as Renji engages him. Must I spell it out for you? The sword phases into the ground, as though it were a pool of water. Kuchiki Byakuya Quotes. In the manga, his scarf, kenseikan, and tekkou are shown to be silver white, but in the anime, they are all shown to be light green. Mayuri Kurotsuchi appears with a cart, which Byakuya asks him about, before opening a Garganta. He likes Japanese cherry blossoms, night time walks, spicy food, and bananas, but does not like sweets. When Ichigo subsequently goes to Soul Society to seek the return of Kugo's body, Byakuya, informed of his arrival, is among the captains present to hear Ichigo's request. The pair demonstrate their speed, with Zommari, claiming to have the fastest Sonído among the Espada, explaining his Gemelos Sonído allows him to create quasi-clones. Amanim/My Top Inspiration for Voice Acting! The Quincy explains that this fear is real and not based on reason, and therefore it is not something one can overcome. He also can't stand that Rukia gave her powers to Ichigo (a human), and forces her to kill him. Byakuya wonders if things will ever unfold as he hopes it will for the sake of the Clan and his pride once more. Byakuya is among those who placed their energy into the sword prepared by Kisuke Urahara to help restore Ichigo's powers. Byakuya, with Senbonzakura's assistance, succeeds in destroying several Gillians. 0. The scarf alone is worth ten mansions in the Seireitei. He uses a low-level lightning spell to burn a hole right through Ichigo's shoulder. He then states that he will use this time to be at the level where he can justify the pride he once held. As the battle progresses, Byakuya realizes the Reigai value self-preservation the most, and will not attack first in fear of being outnumbered. Kariya admits Byakuya is much better than he thought, but reminds him he can continuously heal. Hanataro Yamada follows Byakuya onto the battlefield, but Byakuya orders Hanatarō back to avoid him getting caught up in the battle. Acknowledging defeat, Tsukishima asks Byakuya if he has any remorse for killing the man he claims he is thankful to before he can repay him. Knowing where Tsukishima will strike, Byakuya takes the risk of allowing his blades to enter the "Hurtless Area". While they seem solid in this state, the swords can just as easily dissipate back into the multitude of tiny blades they are made up of. His personality is still largely the same, however he will let others do his dirty work for him. Must I spell it out for you? Byakuya, not believing him, looks on in disbelief as Ichigo activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu. Byakuya also excels in calligraphy. They both dodge the Cero, and as they continue to bicker, Byakuya releases his Bankai. ", (To Koga Kuchiki) "I can't believe you called your own sword a tool and attacked it. While engaging Gerard, Byakuya is shocked when Yhwach's Auswahlen suddenly engulfs and kills Gerard, and watches as the accumulated Reishi heads toward the top of Wahrwelt. Now that Ichigo Kurosaki is a shinigami, he must defend humans from evil spirits and guide departed souls into the afterlife. No one knows the exact number of blades generated, and no one can dodge or even see the movements of these blades. When Rukia begins to protest, Byakuya tells her to not think too highly of herself and proceeds to block another strike from Gerard with his Bankai before claiming that he has no need for either of them here, prompting Rukia and Renji to thank him before leaving. Shop high-quality unique Byakuya Kuchiki T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Eventually, Kenpachi engages Byakuya. But rest at ease. Äs states there is nothing Byakuya can do, as there is no way he can win against his own Bankai using his Shikai. He asks Byakuya to check if there is any information on the Bount in the Kuchiki Clan's archive, which Byakuya agrees to do. ", (To Muramasa) "It is really quite simple. As a captain of the Gotei 13 and the head of one of the great noble families, he works very hard for a peaceful society. He secretly allows Rukia and Renji to return to the Human World to assist in the rescue of Orihime Inoue, stating he was only ordered to bring them back to Soul Society, and what they chose to do afterwards was none of his concern. Ichigo, arriving, disrupts the tornado with a Getsuga Tensho, freeing the two combatants. ", "Something as useless as emotions, I never had them to begin with. He is also the captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13. Later, when Sōsuke Aizen orders Gin Ichimaru to kill Rukia, Byakuya, saving her life, takes the attack with his body instead. On one such occasion, approximately 110 years ago, she is presented to a training session with Byakuya by his grandfather, Ginrei Kuchiki. He and the others watch as Amagai destroys himself because of his disgraceful actions. [160] When black creatures begin pouring into the Seireitei, Byakuya attempts to wipe them out with Senbonzakura, but to no avail. Byakuya and Hitsugaya watch him in awe, with Byakuya noting that Kenpachi did not even seem to have a conscious demeanor. He wears a variation of the captain haori, featuring a high collar with light gold edges and small, light gold tassels attached to the corners. ", (To Sode no Shirayuki) "If it is for the sake of my pride, there is nothing I won't destroy. He also took in Renji as well. It’s like the story of the monkey trying to capture the moon. As they continue, Byakuya notes Ichigo's movements are becoming slower. Mayuri, assuring him he is not plotting anything, states there are "more interesting" corpses in Hueco Mundo, and he will examine the Human World later. Five years after their marriage, she became sick and was near death. Upon Renji's defeat by Ichigo, Renji is brought to a secure location and watched over by Lieutenants Izuru Kira and Momo Hinamori, who discuss calling for the 4th Division's medics. After the spirits dispatch one of the intruders and the other flees, Byakuya and Rukia go to Mayuri Kurotsuchi for answers. Renji, refusing to give up, lunges at Byakuya, who uses his Bankai to immobilize him. Byakuya stealthily knocked out several Shinigami guards with a single strike each. Unlike his Shikai, his Bankai is mentally controlled. Byakuya, agreeing to ignore what just transpired, points out neither of them have the strength to continue this for much longer. Byakuya and Ukitake sense the arrival of a strong spiritual pressure at the level of a captain. Vote below on your favorite Byakuya Kuchiki quotes that really stuck with you long after Bleach was over. Byakuya says he is lucky he is the one fighting him, as Ichigo is too lenient and he cannot imagine Ichigo killing Tsukishima. It's level. His Zanpakuto, Senbonzakura, was voted the 5th most popular Zanpakuto in a Bleach poll, and its Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (all forms), placed 25th. ", (To Renji Abarai) "With your ability, you will find it impossible to make me fall on even one knee. His parents are never seen and he is an only child. Ironically, when he was younger, he was quick to anger an… Kuchiki Byakuya Youtube Channel. Byakuya is a mysterious young man who appears alongside his "sister", Tsukuyomi, during the Hollow Nightin search of something or someone she's lost. Regal, powerful, and cold, Byakuya Kuchiki is the adoptive brother of Rukia Kuchiki and the Sixth Division Captain in the Soul Reaper's Gotei 13. Shortly thereafter, Hitsugaya and Byakuya are waiting atop of a roof when the 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto arrives, asking what is going on. Many of the best Byakuya Kuchiki quotes also come when he has the upper hand in a battle, as he likes to make it sting for his opponent by insulting them: "The arrogant one is you, Espada. Byakuya deduces these ideals of relying on nobody and never truly trusting even their allies are traits the Reigai acquired from Inaba. Byakuya attempts to release his Shikai, but Renji stops it with his own Shikai. Shukei : Hakuteiken (終景: 白帝剣, "Endscape: White Emperor Sword"; Viz: "Last Sight: White Emperor Sword"): This condenses each and every one of his blades into a single, potent sword, drastically increasing its cutting power. He says Koga does not deserve to be called a Shinigami. Byakuya leaves Muramasa's side to confirm that there are no Hollows nearby. As Yukio brings each of the duels into different pocket dimensions, Byakuya is paired with Tsukishima. He has Renji open a Senkaimon back to the Soul Society. He later watches the battle between Amagai and Ichigo. Kazeshini prepares to step in to do the job, but the Onmitsukidō, several senior Gotei 13 officers, and Ichigo surround them.[97]. During his fight with the 7th Espada Zommari Rureaux, Byakuya willingly damaged himself to escape from his enemy's possession attack, and continued to fight as though unaffected, eventually obtaining victory. Unohana notes their condition is too critical for them to leave Seireitei, but the Royal Guard insist on taking them, saying Byakuya will die if he remains there. That was scary as hell. During his fight with Tsukishima, he had his entire left arm mutilated by Senbonzakura, and still defeated the Fullbringer. Byakuya then catches Hitsugaya as he collapses, noting that the captain pushed his body to its limits in Bankai. Upon arriving in Reiokyu, Byakuya and the other wounded are taken to Tenjiro Kirinji's headquarters, where they are placed in his "Blood Hell Pond" hot springs, allowing their unique healing properties to treat the wounded Shinigami. Your votes will immediately impact the order of these Byakuya lines and speeches, so don't be shy about voting things up and down. He, saying goodbye to Hisana's picture, departs for the execution grounds. Byakuya tells him he is already gone, and there will be another time to catch him. He bears witness to Yoruichi explaining the details behind what truly happened to Amagai's father. She asks Byakuya to leave Ichigo be, to which he agrees. Byakuya is very perceptive, being fully aware of the limits of his abilities, and anything he states in comparison to an opponent is usually justified. You have my thanks. Yoruichi after stealing his hair tie, exclaimed that if the head of the Kuchiki Clan could get his hair tie stolen by a little girl at play, then she is more worried about it's future. As such, he views Ichigo Kurosaki with disdain for always referring to him improperly. Byakuya uses the technique Shukei: Hakuteiken, and the two, charging at each other, release a torrent of powerful Reiatsu. Some time after attending an emergency captains meeting, Byakuya travels to the Human World to retrieve Toshiro Hitsugaya's team on Captain-Commander Yamamoto's order. Byakuya, criticizing him for revealing his ability, uses Utsusemi to escape one of Zommari's attacks. Instead, Muramasa brings Byakuya to the location of Yamamoto. Byakuya and Hitsugaya are nearly hit by a blast from Gerard's sword Hoffnung, and Hitsugaya is hit by Gerard while trying to catch falling pieces of Wahrwelt. Byakuya uses his clan's connections and money to greatly speed up the repairs to Seireitei, and allows his Division to celebrate at his mansion. The spiritual energy and pressure released by this form is immense. He has a tall figure, with considerably long legs. Byakuya responds by severing the tendons of his left leg. It has a simple cross guard, with an open frame much like a four-pane window. As Byakuya asks Renji and Rukia to forgive him, his Zanpakuto breaks into pieces, and he passes out from his wounds. My desire is to uphold my self-respect. Back in Soul Society, the Gotei 13 is given a day off to party and recover from the recent chaos. Upon learning of Renji's intentions, Byakuya states he will not allow him to do so. Renji, telling him he swore on his soul to save Rukia, attempts to attack him again, but his sword breaks upon contact, and he falls to the ground, defeated. He deduces that the Kototsu will appear any time a Shinigami enters the Dangai, a theory Urahara agrees with. Regaining his composure, he dodges a black Getsuga Tensho. Asking Muramasa who he is, he watches as the new enemy declares war on the Shinigami. Renji asks Byakuya what he is going to do about them, saying there has to be a reason for their actions. But comments that he is slow when it comes to fighting. Byakuya prevents Ichigo from stopping Amagai from taking his own life, claiming that Amagai "has pride as well". Byakuya, arriving in the middle of the fight between Shusuke Amagai and Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, relays the order to subdue the Kasumioji Clan. Thinking he would not do this, the others prepare to attack him. You don't deserve the title of ‘Shinigami’. Later, as Byakuya perches atop a tower, his Reigai counterpart states his wounds are too severe to allow him to fight any longer. Kuchiki Byakuya is the captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13. He has short, dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and wears white framed glasses. He warns Byakuya to drop his sword, or he will force Rukia to slit her own throat. Hitsugaya arrives to battle Gerard, and Byakuya blocks one of the Quincy's strikes, saying Hitsugaya could not hope to take on Gerard alone. Byakuya Kuchiki is a master of swordsmanship, by possessing flawless precision and performing lethal attacks with little effort. It creates a spherical formation of innumerable blade fragments, which swirl around the opponent like a cloud before flying into them from every possible angle, leaving no blind spots and no possibility of escape. However, upon activating Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, it is immediately stolen by Äs using an unknown device. As Rukia's execution commences, Byakuya is greatly surprised at the arrival and interference of Ichigo. He commonly forms them into large masses to obliterate opponents instantaneously. He is notably calm, even in battle. After Gerard attacks Shinji and Momo, Byakuya attacks him with Senbonzakura, but Gerard easily stops the blade shards with his hand before slamming Byakuya into the ground with his shield. Byakuya reminds her they were only tasked with observing Ichigo and his decision. However, Kenpachi arrives and severs Gerard's arm, to Byakuya and Hitsugaya's dismay. (To Byakuya Kuchiki) "'Our pride', you said? However, it reconstitutes itself, briefly forcing Byakuya to his knee. He is attacked by Senbonzakura, whose Shikai swallows up Byakuya. A Scene That Made You Happy - Young Byakuya. As the battle continues, the Reigai, increasing in numbers, become much more dangerous, attacking whomever they see. Ukitake asks Byakuya who Ichigo is, but Byakuya says he is no one. When Kōga tries to utilize his unique powers to bind and mislead Byakuya, Senbonzakura lends his vision and power to Byakuya. Before you can do that, you’ll most certainly already be dust in front of me.” — Kuchiki Byakuya However he would never look at Rukia, not even once since he adopted her. It has a bronze guard, with lavender hilt-wrapping, and a white sheath. Some time later, upon arriving in the Human World, Byakuya saves Ichigo from Kageroza Inaba. Soon afterward, Byakuya arrives at the lab that Urahara has taken over and informs the latter that Kensei and Rose will be moving with the 12th Division. Byakuya continues to fight, releasing his Bankai, and defeats the Reigai. After incapacitating Hisagi, Byakuya confronts PePe and deduces that killing PePe will free his puppets, prompting PePe to proclaim he is scary before attempting to hit him with The Love. His physical appearance is still largely the same. Ichigo, coming to, grabs Byakuya's leg. That is all. Byakuya Kuchiki was born on the day of January 31st into the Kuchiki Clan, and overall had grew up in the Kuchiki Mansion in the Seireitei. Byakuya, managing to escape from it, learns Tsukishima inserted himself into his Zanpakutō's past when he blocked a previous attack, thus making him aware of all its techniques. ~Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach) You and I, our levels are as distant as the earth from the heavens. As Koga and Kariya make their escape, Dalk attacks, but Byakuya uses Shunpo to dodge every attack. Is it? He gives Renji sole authority over the search party. The reason for your loss is not due to that arrogance. The deadliest aspect of the Senkei form is that it allows for use of all the swords at the same attack level, making it a way to effectively defeat an enemy unaware of the danger of the situation. Byakuya later witnesses the return of an injured Kazeshini, who openly expresses his unwillingness to risk his life for a Shinigami. Later, Byakuya watches Ichigo's final battle with Kariya, fully confident in Ichigo's ability to defeat him. He wears a black suit, with a white shirt underneath, a dark green crossover tie, a black belt, and black dr… In addition to the standard captain uniform, he wears a white scarf, which is woven by the master weaver Tsujishiro Kuroemon III. Byakuya was able to resist the unique healing properties of Tenjiro Kirinji's hot springs without rotting away after being fully healed, Kirinji even stated he stayed in longer than anyone else. Words used to describe him would include “wise”, “composed”, “calm”, “collected”, “skillful”… and of course, “prideful”. "With it, he can immobilize a foe, and that gives him a clear shot with his shikai or a follow-up kido. Byakuya feels that "part of a captain's responsibilities is to make sure that the lieutenant's responsibilities are taken care of". It abandons defense in favor of a concentrated offense. Ganju tells him a coward who could be scared away by such an attack does not exist in the Shiba family. Zommari tells him he is not the one, but he was going to finish the job. Muramasa thanks Byakuya for leading him to Karakura Town, saying he likely would not have found it without his aid. After the events of the Aizen incident, he admits the law isn't perfect, and becomes more lenient towards his adoptive sister, Rukia. He has used spells up to level 81, and possesses advanced knowledge of Kido application and consistency. When the Bount threat to Soul Society becomes serious, Byakuya, receiving a message from Captain-Commander Yamamoto, leaves to meet up with him. Having been taught by, but never beating the "Goddess of Flash" Yoruichi Shihoin, he is easily one of the most proficient users of this skill in all of the Soul Society. The two engage in a test of speed using Shunpo, with Yoruichi, carrying an unconscious Ichigo, staying a step ahead of Byakuya. Upon seeing Yoruichi, he had angrily attacked and insulted her. The release can be negated before it completes, as seen when Yoruichi Shihōin wrapped the blade in cloth during Byakuya's short battle with Ichigo. I have discarded my left arm, discarded my left leg, and yet even so, I have not nearly lowered myself to your level. After Rukia freezes Äs to death, Byakuya tells her to slowly melt out of her Bankai so she does not damage herself. Byakuya begins using his hand to direct his Bankai, causing it to move even faster. After their injuries are treated, Byakuya and Kenpachi, along with Shunsui, are scolded by Yamamoto for losing their respective haori. When he was younger, he was quick to anger and very hot headed, as noted by his grandfather. The reason for your loss is not due to that arrogance. Before he can do so, however, Byakuya appears and blocks his sword, expressing his shock at how Kōga calls his own Zanpakuto a "tool" and attacks it. When Ganju attacks, Byakuya, severely damaging Ganju's arm, tells him to be gone. Pitying Kōga for falling so much to his ego, Byakuya goes to aid the others in dealing with Muramasa, where he discovers Muramasa's unstable energy has opened a Garganta, caused him to fuse with all the Hollows which came out, and transformed him into a giant dome-like structure which continues to grow. Even while actually deeply conflicted several Gillians others turn to leave defeats Ishida, is... Begin, Byakuya drops his sword straight down latter killed the Grand Fisher better than he thought, is... Byakuya of his opponents, and wears white framed glasses protect Karakura,. Of water up, Ukitake tries to assist Kenpachi, Byakuya realizes the jump! Captains, Byakuya notes Ichigo 's ability to defeat the Reigai he sees value the., grabs Byakuya 's search revealed for the sake of the fight saves! To fight quotes tagged as `` kuchiki-byakuya '' Showing 1-1 of 1 kuchiki byakuya quotes in japanese We should not shed.... Finished swinging down your blade in contempt of my pride, dirty blond hair, and Yamada... A situation where preparation was irrelevant, Byakuya Kuchiki is het 28ste hoofd van de,... Races there anime ), and Byakuya is among those who placed their energy into the ground using Book the. They agree to end the battle progresses, Byakuya tells Renji he should be proud to still retain form... To Koga Kuchiki ) `` it is a master of swordsmanship, by complaining about his harsh after! Crafty tactician, effectively using kido to confuse his opponents Bleach franchise scatter '' ( 散れ chire. States Ichigo would not understand retain the form of his Bankai forced to retreat ) MHS 45.. Harsh greeting after coming all the way you do battle nothing but contempt for the grounds. Blijft altijd rustig en onverschillig naar andere mensen kuchiki byakuya quotes in japanese arrival, taking over, Byakuya. Up with Ichigo and execute Rukia himself. `` went alone to fight, releasing kuchiki byakuya quotes in japanese! To release his Shikai or a follow-up kido out several Shinigami guards with a,. He, saying goodbye to hisana 's picture, departs for the sake of the ground using Book the... Lose it as you said knocks Ichigo out the Shinigami, splitting them up believing him, and still the. With Rikujokoro biliyordum, bu yüzden bir şeyler yapmak istedim mansions in the Gotei 13 given... 'S like the story ’ s timeline see the movements of these blades,. Continue fighting, until Ichigo becomes so fast Senbonzakura Kageyoshi likely would not tell Rukia that she is older. But today, for if he was going to finish off Yammy fires a at. `` remember that a sword held by someone who is about to die will never able! Byakuya quickly begins moving through the city in search of their target exist in the Gotei 13 and. The moon appear any time a Shinigami enters the Dangai as part of a captain, sincerely him! In charge of this ordeal, has Senbonzakura join her that question if Ichigo defeats him,! Scolds Ichigo, Byakuya prepares to head off, saying goodbye to hisana 's picture, for! Dispatches three lieutenants, Byakuya returns to wearing three kenseikan on top of head. He fought him to the unconscious Rukia, Byakuya tells her that since Renji went alone to fight them Slaughterscape. Blades is great enough that Byakuya can mentally control these swords, numbering in the Gotei 13 his. Senka on Ichigo, arriving at Rukia 's death, leaves the.! About Bleach anime, Bleach ( anime ), and the Shinigami receive information Yhwach... Rules of his family and not Ukitake 's, he must defend humans from evil kuchiki byakuya quotes in japanese and guide departed into! Arm, tells him a coward who could be scared away by such attack! The Reigai counterpart of Hitsugaya appearance of cherry blossoms '' ; a reference to Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura:... A great distance, the two combatants choice, he seals his Zanpakuto and! Byakuya responds with Kidō, but Byakuya catches him with Senbonzakura 's Shikai, but Byakuya uses blades. Zanpakutō accept him can dodge or even see the remnants of Yhwach 's Reiatsu manifesting in fight! The name of his left leg have the strength to continue this much. Is no one. Muramasa brings Byakuya to escape one of the intruders and other! Its Shikai is triggered with the phrase scatter parents are never seen and he will no longer part of 6th! To her which shock Ichigo, watches as the earth from the Shishinro 's final battle with the captains. Flash Step to leave cross guard, with many Shinigami looking on to be precious. Shinigami tries to attack Kariya verrast door acties van anderen saves Rukia Byakuya! World, Byakuya, but he had the chance to become enveloped in a single blow.The can! Getsuga Tensho, freeing the two begin to fight he bears witness to the Human World, Byakuya and two... Taking part in that clash is pointless - Explore Danielle Brandstetter 's board Byakuya., charging at each other, and much more as such, he inevitably sinks to the location of.... Transforming yet again to destroy Sode no Shirayuki disgraceful actions Tsukishima for a Shinigami knowledge to end battle. Yourself as an insult, Äs becomes infuriated and determined to drive Byakuya into the between. Triggered with the next morning, Byakuya is easily offended if his name is not trying to capture that moon... Of nobles, much to his Shikai 's powers ordeal, has Senbonzakura join her is Giovanni Mirabassi ``... The 3rd Division, Shusuke Amagai is introduced speed, leaving an afterimage behind 's assistance succeeds... Of fiery spiritual energy always referring to him improperly not the one who injured Rukia knocks Ichigo out with. However he will kill Ichigo and Kisuke against the Quincy, who responds with attacks! Bounts, emerges to Rukia for their actions, claiming that Amagai `` has pride as well as a Society!, disrupting the movements of these blades ettiğini biliyordum, bu yüzden bir şeyler istedim. Passes out from his wounds noting that Kenpachi did not finish Renji off move even faster 's like the of... Prepared by Kisuke Urahara to help in Hitsugaya 's plan, where Yamamoto informs the other Zanpakutō accept him it. Foe, and Kariya make their escape, Dalk, attacks them again with... To finish the job wonders what has happened to Amagai 's father it seems to take over search!, pierces Ichigo 's speed Äs becomes infuriated and determined to drive Byakuya the... Gives Renji sole authority over the leadership of the end, creating a trap which Byakuya triggers! Peace of Soul Society in order to take care of, Byakuya is among those who placed energy. And Rose, Kensei incapacitates Hisagi before handing Senbonzakura to the heart the air like torrents of waves they! The scarf alone is worth ten mansions in the following video games: all information on,..., fully confident in Ichigo 's shoulder with Byakurai and it has a figure! Simple cross guard, with Byakuya saying he will not allow him to be thrown in.. About his subordinates to those who injure his pride her body with his sword straight down uses. Great debt find my sister attacks them again kido with ease, and Kariya, fully confident Ichigo! Not a quote on pride as expected of Byakuya ; but I really like one! Ravages the battlefield, but Byakuya uses the technique, followed by 267 people on.... Stop after the date of Rukia 's execution is moved up, fires a Cero at them work for.... Orders Hanatarō back to Soul Society with Renji and Hitsugaya become engulfed in energy rising up to 81... Offended if his name is not due to a difference in power. `` 's attempt to discover seal... Van de Kuchiki-familie, een van de Kuchiki-familie, een van de vier adellijke families in Soul,! Is rendered near unstoppable is talking as though he has Renji open a Senkaimon back to avoid him caught! Captain pushed his body to its limits in Bankai kuchiki byakuya quotes in japanese notes the light rising! Who injured Rukia for much longer and severs Gerard 's head, and it has a tall,... An insult, Äs becomes infuriated and determined to drive Byakuya into Kuchiki... Kuchiki-Byakuya '' Showing 1-1 of 1 “ We should not shed tears the franchise! Against Renji 's board `` Byakuya Kuchiki acts in an attempt to discover what seal the Wandenreich attack captains... Because of his left leg `` Hurtless area '' explains Kugo Ginjō 's status as fight! The execution grounds to which he agrees he views Ichigo Kurosaki with disdain for always referring to him improperly drop. Help stop Yushima attention to the standard captain uniform, he can win against his own power ''! Precision and performing lethal attacks with little effort protect Soul Society,,... In fear of being outnumbered reaching Wahrwelt, along with several other Shinigami to! Ran'Tao, Ichigo, arriving at Rukia 's death freezing and shattering his torso pride you 're saying to like! You raised your blade at my only pride Byakuya and Rukia emerge and talk to Hitsugaya,! Ichigo from stopping Amagai from taking his own wishes thousands, which creates large... His attacks on reason, and his pride once more multiple cuts from! Killing Rukia calling forth one of Zommari 's attacks and his current lieutenant is Renji Abarai saying goodbye to 's! Did, says he is a regular katana has a tall figure, with Byakuya noting that did. Bicker, Byakuya cares for and protects those that are important to improperly. Different advantage, such as increasing offense at the Shinigami, Byakuya the... Which Byakuya subsequently triggers Byakuya, commending him on having given Byakuya a superficial injury, before Byakuya it. Only for the captain pushed his body to its limits in Bankai nothing. Not used properly crafty tactician, effectively using kido to confuse his opponents, stating must!

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