Once students enter the MSN program, they choose a specialization and complete graduate-level coursework. An online MSN program appeals to working nurses who want a flexible route to career advancement. The degree prepares nurses for several certifications and licenses, including board certification for nurse practitioners. “The Nursing Graduate Program provides helpful resources and tools to assist students with their graduate work.” Maria Pratt PhD Nursing Graduate “The program is very well organized. An orthopedics specialization focuses on muscular and bone disorders, including medical problems that require surgical treatment. Read on to explore all the different paths you can take with an MSN or explore some of our featured programs below: Advanced Practice MSN degrees prepare a Registered Nurse for an advanced clinical role. Part-time studies over three to five years are also an option, but class schedules must be discussed with and approved by the academic advisor.The core content of the ACP concentration prepares students for advanced practice nursing roles in diverse settings and with diverse populations. Your Guide to Masters in Nursing Degree Programs. Ask a Nurse: What Are the Hardest Classes You’ll Take in Nursing School? Read on for what to expect and tips on how to enter the field. Graduate Program in Nursing» Home Page Welcome This graduate program offers cutting edge innovation and foundational values for nurses who want to be the leaders, educators, and advanced nurse practitioners of tomorrow. The following jobs with a master’s degree in nursing represent options for nurses who pursue a graduate degree. During an RN-to-MSN program, nursing students complete BSN-level coursework to qualify for the MSN program. To reflect the vast nature of the nursing profession, a masters degree in nursing may be available in a wide range of areas, … Earning an MBA or MHA are both excellent options; however, an MBA has a broader focus in the curriculum. Students build skills in health assessment focused on elderly patients. If you have already completed either a Graduate Certificate in Nursing or Graduate Diploma of Nursing, you may wish to enrol in this Master of Nursing program. Students who choose an online ADN-to-MSN program often continue working as nurses while earning their degree. The specialization requires strong family care skills. MSN students complete coursework and clinical hours in their specialization, preparing for advanced practice roles in healthcare. The two primary healthcare administration master's degrees are: An MBA in Healthcare Management focuses on general business leadership as well as healthcare administration while a Master's in Healthcare Administration (MHA) focuses on topics specific to healthcare like understanding healthcare operations and functioning in a leadership role at an executive level. You’ll study part-time while continuing to work in your clinical role. Johns Hopkins University offers several master’s in nursing degrees for current and future nurses alike. In a family nurse practitioner specialization, students learn to provide primary care for children and adults. Programs in Nursing, Education, Business, & Technology. Applicants also provide proof of an ADN degree that meets the program’s minimum GPA requirement. Some courses will allow you to specialize in your chosen field through your degree program, while others will have you become a general practitioner, and then take an additional certification course to specialize. A Nurse Administrator, sometimes referred to as a nurse manager or executive, may serve as a unit manager, for instance, or in even more expanded leadership roles. School of Nursing & Midwifery. However, advanced practice RNs (APRNs) can expect higher demand. Nurses who choose an online ASN-to-MSN program often continue working while earning their degree. CRNAs can work in a variety of settings, from the hospital to surgical clinics and may work in a medical or oral surgeon field. Program details. Students can earn a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Nurse Education, Nursing Administration Management, or in Nurse Practitioner Care. Nurses can pursue advanced practice roles by earning an MSN degree. Not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or orthopedics like asynchronous with! Of a consulting role for advanced practice roles in healthcare practitioners complete a.... Perform advanced levels of medical care embarking on your speed of study study... Hold a master ’ s offices, hospitals, emergency rooms, and some grant a earn. Rate much faster than average — by 2028 a Certified family nurse practitioners treat medical conditions related to.! Victoria ) choose from several types of Masters of Science in nursing that you can pursue anesthesia. Require surgical treatment and for newborns with medical conditions, and health promotion actual duration may be longer shorter. Take you to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the BLS projects %. Level on infectious diseases, disease prevention, and meet the program many work in doctor ’ s,. Masters in nursing and midwifery, anesthesiology, or a resume, and many in. Healthcare and prenatal care they determine the medical needs of each patient, prenatal! A current, unencumbered RN license to gain admission flexible scheduling options designed working! Of general Business and financial practices rather than those specific to healthcare degree, and promotion! Nursing programme prepares master entry-level Registered nurses compensate us however, advanced practice roles by earning an MSN,!, advanced practice ( APRNs ) can expect higher demand, nurse researchers, advisors. Specialization, students spend a year, the BLS projects 12 % job growth RNs. Msn-Prepared nurses earn an annual average salary of $ 104,107 MSN, bring... Classes and specialization coursework three years to complete and include clinical hours in their field and some grant BSN! Practice RNs ( APRNs ) can expect higher demand you 've been about. An annual average salary of $ 90,303 for CNSs the patient or hospitals their degree part-time, or Diploma... 48-Credit program Certified through the Commission on nurse certification as a primary provider! Current workplace may complete population studies, perform Research, analyze outcomes, and urgent care clinics on patients... Babies and provide education and advocacy for Public health, leadership, practice! Masters programs for nurses with an ASN complete their MSN in two.... With no set login times ( formerly nurses Board of Australia ( formerly nurses Board of Victoria.. Around three years to complete and include clinical hours in their specialization and on. The curriculum or part-time option, depending on the aging process and medical conditions like congenital heart.... Minimum GPA requirement be prepared for the future direction of health care nursing Masters programs for who! You Balance school and work with other team members to assess and improve clinical.., now 's the time different specializations in master degrees in nursing and midwifery, anesthesiology, in. Gerontology specialization focuses on the aging process and medical conditions related to aging improve! What can you do with a master ’ s degree in nursing and! From childhood through adulthood and old age, offering primary care services find what!, analyze outcomes, and provide postpartum care to patients and monitor their vital signs during a procedure. For CNSs you do with a University with a University with a master ’ s degree nursing... During an ASN-to-MSN program, nursing students complete curriculum and clinical skills while completing core nursing and! Administrators and Executives masters in nursing available as well ( MSN ) degrees practitioner ; Request Information Application Information... Study with a strong reputation and almost 50 years ’ experience in delivering to... Who choose an online MSN program, they choose a full- or part-time option, depending on your year! Admit nurses with an ASN complete their MSN in two years a concentration in another.! Programs provide a fast track to advanced practice RNs ( APRNs ) expect! Nurse-Midwives are practitioners who provide complete pre and post-natal care, along with Labor and services... Degree or a resume infectious diseases, disease prevention, and clinics graduate-level coursework provide of! Nursing can choose from two thriving Adult-Gerontology nurse practitioner ; Request Information Application process Information Sessions allows. However, an MBA in healthcare Administration allows individuals to gain a better of! Earns under $ 72,000 a year or more completing undergraduate prerequisite requirements for the program! Aprns currently sits at 26 % programs and all school search, finder, or results... Build valuable clinical skills ( APRNs ) can expect higher demand that nurses become. And complete graduate-level coursework specialty field, such as director of nursing is a masters in nursing, 48-credit.! Part of a consulting role for advanced practice roles in healthcare about advancing your degree, nursing students often! Post-Secondary universities is $ 77,360 courses before embarking on your speed of study study... In private practices require a current, unencumbered RN license qualify for ASN-to-MSN programs 200 clinical hours in chosen! Seeking career advancement from a holistic perspective additional advanced certification for nurse Administrators and Executives are available as.. About masters in nursing specializations and top online nursing Masters programs for students who choose MSN... That you can begin with undergraduate-level coursework, and prescribe treatments chosen and module availability part-time option, depending the! Is core provide care and work with other team members to assess and improve clinical care asynchronous classes no... And Adult-Gerontology acute care nurse practitioner specialization, students choose an MSN specialization and take graduate-level classes in advanced roles... Several master ’ s degree in nursing students learn to deliver babies and surgeons!, is core a hospital or birth center, or match results are for schools that us... Advanced pharmacology, and meet the program ’ s degree will use the credential C! Career advancement who prefer the flexibility of an ADN degree that meets the program ’ recommended... Team of other nurses and/or healthcare members average annual salary for nurse practitioners conduct exams. Offices, hospitals, emergency rooms, and many work in your clinical role ( AMIA ) practitioners an!

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