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Project Description

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Veteran Augmented Security (VAS) employs disabled, home-bound, veterans to remotely monitor and evaluate security camera images presented to them by artificial intelligence (AI) software imagery filters. The Digital Hero receive anomalies from the software that requires a Human-in-the-Loop evaluation to support pre-event versus after-the-event threats.

VAS Provides:

• Train veterans with a relevant skill, give them a team they can belong to, and a mission they can be proud of.

• Work from home as part of a team environment, with supervision, coordination and innate personal support.

• We’re using cutting edge technology to enable these men and women to have a productive career and have the dignity of earning a living in addition to their disability pay.

• Training to make veterans unique and desirable in emerging security markets, supports critical thinking, and behavior observation.

• Program is also available to caregivers of disabled veterans