>!The whole "Hillary ran to the house, killed him, then came back to the high school and drove off (turning towards the scene of the crime instead of just gong home)" theory was just bullshit from the beginning for me. In small towns like this police can literally get away with murder. A case just ended where she put someone on trial for murder. Like when the prosecuter claimed that he could "jog" nearly half a mile in 45 seconds! Jesus Christ. "Who Killed Garrett Phillips meticulously and even masterfully brings its viewers to this very place of angry exasperation, laying out the narrative details of a botched murder investigation that some of us might have been vaguely aware of, if at all." Archived. I think the person who is most likely to have killed him, they don’t want to look at because he’s a member of their own - John Jones. When this didn’t work (realizing his reputation would be ruined, he may have committed a crime of passion). [Update] to the murder of Garrett Phillips. I just don't see how anyone got out of that building without being noticed. John Jones is a fucking snake! Also Fitzpatrick is a complete prick. With a witness placing him entering the apartment 15 minutes before the murder....questions need to be answered. There were no signs of a struggle, plus stats indicate that when a child is murdered, it’s usually by someone they know and trust. Does anyone know how to reconcile the hospital security camera footage of JJ walking his dog and returning with his dog at the time that the cops were still hearing someone in the apartment? I could feel my heartbeat increasing through that whole scene.